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‘Without Visible Means’ walk: 

A Short film by Harriet Jones

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The Stray Voices project aims to stimulate insight into the buried stories of homeless men and women whose voices remain silent or unheeded within the historical record.

How can exploring the images and realities of vagrancy sharpen our understanding of our ‘settled’  communities, which have otherwise been articulated from a sedentary perspective?

This project will involve specialists in the history of vagrancy, creative practitioners, community activists, members of the public and those who have experience of homelessness in a shared conversation about how history has shaped our preconceptions relating to those with ‘no fixed abode’.

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An Ungenteel Expedition

An Ungenteel Expedition

My reasons for undertaking the ungenteel expedition may be stated in a few words. It is tolerably well known that our fields of human industry are curiously prolific of weeds, picturesque at times, perhaps, but always unprofitable. About the hives where bees...

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Vagabond Fires

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Archive Excavations

Archive Excavations

One of the core aims of the Stray Voices project is to bring academic research and its methodologies to a broader audience. My role in the project is to produce a pamphlet documenting Luke Seaber's guided walk from Stevenage to Hitchin (in the footsteps of James...

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